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Players Poker Room Gets Featured In Royal Oaks Magazine!

“A Winning Hand”

Players Poker Club

By Angey Murray

Private poker clubs are hot, and right here in West Houston, a new addition at 11326 Westheimer Road brings the action right around the corner from Royal Oaks.

Since mid-March, Players Poker Room has been “raking in” those wanting to play the game. General Manager Bernard Doherty says the club prides itself on being a relaxed, friendly, clean and spacious environment for members.

“Poker players are a finicky type. There are those who only play in Vegas or on a trip to Lake Charles, with friends, etc.,” says Doherty. “We want people to come out and play poker more often. We want everyday people who may be coming off work and have a few hours to play to come in.”

Membership is open to the public, with a first-time play of $20, which includes a member card. Hourly rates are then just $10. In Texas, clubs operate from seat charges and are not allowed to rake the table as casinos do. All money stays on the table for the players.

Players Poker Club is a deal in itself with the average poker club charging $15 per hour. Tables are spacious at 10-feet each, with most clubs having nine-foot tables. A private room is also available. The club serves complimentary beverages, including beer and wine, along with pizza and hot dogs. The club is BYOB and members are allowed to bring in or order outside food. Parking is plentiful and armed security is always on duty during club hours.

“It’s all about being a fun, friendly poker room. It’s a very social game,” says Doherty.

The club offers games spreads of small-limit games, small no-limit games and small pot-limit games. Games include Texas Holdem and Omaha with minimum buy-ins of $50-300. The average buy-in is $100. Day poker tournaments are held at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. daily, with weekend offerings of both bounty and deep stake tournaments.

Players Poker Club celebrated its grand opening in April with a $50,000-guarantee tournament. The event was an overwhelming success.with $86,000 in the prize pool and the first place winner taking home $20,000. The club plans on having more $50,0000 poker tournaments in the future. Until then, the club is ready and open, ready to cater to regular poker players as well as those just looking for a way to unwind.

“It’s a lot of fun, win or lose,” says Doherty. “It’s poker!

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